Evona Dixon’s “Goosebumps” Art Opening

VeeThis Saturday, August 23, 2014 , Land of Plenty will be hosting Ms. Evona Dixon’s very first art opening! Please join anytime from 8-11 PM for a quick look, or BYOB and hang out.  There will be a fire, live music by Kyndra Heischman, and the first look at the work of an emerging artist in Akron!

Evona Dixon is a mixed media artist hailing from the Rubber City. Her pieces are known for their overwhelming sense of color, manipulation of space, and nostalgic sensibility. The show is entitled “Goosebumps”, as one part of her collection will envelop you in 90s pop culture, while the other half includes real animal skulls and other skeletal remains that Evona has reanimated with intricately drawn designs (what some have called “controlled chaos”).

Come out this Saturday to see what this enthusiastic artist has put together for us!


Land of Plenty

339 W Market St, Akron, Ohio 44303