Derf – Art Talk at Akron Art Museum

DerfWhat do comics, graphic novels and fine art have in common? Derf! Local writer-artist Derf published the weekly comic strip THE CITY, which was syndicated in alternative weekly newspapers around the globe from 1990-2014. He also authored the international bestselling graphic novel My Friend Dahmer and has displayed work in museums and galleries worldwide.

Derf and Derf Backderf are the pseudonyms of American artist John Backderf.  In 2006 Derf won the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award for cartooning.In 2014, Derf announced that he was discontinuing The City to focus on graphic novels.

Backderf has contributed to many well-known national publications, including Playboy, The Wall Street Journal and Progressive Magazine. His illustrations have also appeared on posters, t-shirts and CD covers. His art has been compared to Robert Crumb, with his use of black to “project character and menace” praised. Derf cites Crumb as an influence, along with Mad Magazine and Vaughn Bodé. He cites Expressionism as the inspiration for his usage of heavy ink, but feels the major influence on his work is the imagery of punk, a movement Derf immersed himself in during the late 1980s

Don’t miss Derf speak on Thursday September 18 at 6:30pm