“Ignition” new works by Andy Dreamingwolf

Art Opening:
at 6:00pm

andy1Popeye Gallery is proud to announce the latest pop-up exhibition in Waterloo’s historic Waterloo Arts District. IGNITION is a solo exhibition of new and recent works by Akron-born, self-taught artist Andy Dreamingwolf. Dreamingwolf’s highly rendered paintings evoke a nostalgic quality to a time not-so-long ago. While Dreamingwolf has a very definitive style, his work’s aesthetics often vary depending on his subject matter – which can range from high heels to motorcycles to typewriters to newspaper classified ads to realistic portraits to obscure/obsolete pop culture icons…

resample(lanczos)“Last year I created a series of paintings which were representational goodbyes to both things and moments past,” explains Dreamingwolf. “The combination of mediums used in some of the pieces was something new for me, and had an aesthetic that I wanted to explore again. The new works created for this show are a return to that same use of mediums, but rather than have the images in the paintings represent goodbye’s, I wanted them to be a spark (or an IGNITION if you will) of one’s jumping off point from thought to action, story to novel, idea to invention.”
About half the works in this intimate exhibition have never before been exhibited.

j2Dreamingwolf’s paintings have been featured in countless venues throughout Northeast Ohio – including The Cleveland Museum of Art, Loren Naij Studio Gallery, Studio 2091, William Rupnik Gallery and Proximity. Recently, he was invited to participate in a group exhibition by Jonathon LeVine of The Jonathon LeVine Gallery in Manhattan.

Ignition is Popeye Gallery’s first show of their 2014 fall series of pop-up exhibitions in Collinwood’s historic Waterloo Arts District; made possible through the generous funding of the Collinwood Rising Vibrancy Grant. These grants are a project of Northeast Shores Development Corporation and made possible through the generous support of the Kresge Foundation and Cuyahoga Arts & Culture.

Popeye Gallery, Waterloo Arts District, Cleveland, Ohio 44110