“De Materia” opens at Waterloo Arts

materiaOpening Reception:
September 5th, 2014
6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Come early and visit the open studios upstairs from 6-7pm and see the latest works of Katy Richards, Chris Martins, Shepherd Weita, and James Holloway.

De Materia:

Ubiquitous imagery, sound bites, verbiage on all subjects and every sort of entertainment are only a click away. Our vision is filtered through the screen. Contemporary technologies: smart phones, flat screens, tablets offering brief moments of instant gratification, consumed like candy and almost instantly forgotten, streaming directly to us. Consequently the art of our time cannot exist outside of the ever-present framework of the “digital age.” Art and artists and the way we see and understand the physical world have been particularly impacted by the deluge of empty “experiences” proffered by the Internet, so that now every work of art is necessarily juxtaposed to an insubstantial, “virtual” realm.

The name of the exhibition, “De Materia” is Latin and means “the material” and is meant to reference Alberti’s seminal work on painting “de pictura.” This show, through the works it incorporates, focuses on the substance of art, the real material of its creation, an unnamable something that marries together the external and internal experience of the viewer. Art, when it achieves its greatest resonance, is anything other than the thin and instant, readily consumable experiences that dominate much of our popular culture. Art, at its best, grounds the viewer in a more expansive experience that is “more than” the ordinary and is anything but instant.

The works in this show engage haptically, perceptually, and mindfully. They evoke physical experience; they question the nature of reality; they offer extraordinary, miraculous moments; and they seduce us to the sensual … taken together they provide a treatise on the nature of a kind of art that does not pander to the momentary, but offers something more, something of substance.

Sarah Kabot
Barry Underwood
Katy Richards
Nikki Woods
Paul O’keeffe
Charles Tucker
Gianna Commito
Bruce Checefsky

Curated by Lane Cooper

Waterloo Arts

15605 Waterloo Rd, Cleveland, Ohio 44110