Artist-in-Residence exhibit opens at Zygote Press

AIR-2014-Announcement2014 Artist-in-Residence | Donald Black, Jr. | My Scars Exposed

September 12 – October 4, 2014 

Reception: September 12 – 6-8pm

Artist Talk: September 24 – 6:30pm

I was the kid who never left my scabs alone; I picked at them.  I’m not sure if I was attracted to self-inflicted pain, but what I do know is that I was attracted to the breaking of patterns on my skin and the mark that would be left behind.  I liked the permanency and mystery of scars.  Then there are, what I call, the “unmarked scars”.  For a long time I did not know these scars existed because I tucked them before I had a chance to ignore them.  My environment even blanketed these scars because where there is drugs, murder, guns, scarce food and income – there is little time to stop and examine or care for wounds.  I just survived and I kept on going. The smartest thing I did in survival mode was the decision to create art.

As a result, art has become the antagonist of my emotional and psychological scars.  It forces me to “pick at”, to “open up”, and to “aggravate” all of my damaging wounds.  It requires me to closely examine the effects of the scars in relationship to who I am.

My residency at Zygote will be an exploration of my scars and my obsession with process.  The work will be displayed through the photogravure process.   This process echoes my attraction to permanency and mark making.

~Donald Black, Jr.


-Donald Black Jr. is a Cleveland artist who works with video, installation, and photography.  He is an alumni of Cleveland School of the Arts and studied commercial photography at Ohio University. Black received third place in Nikon’s international photo competition.  His work explores family relationships, racism, environment, and identity.  Storytelling and technical process is key in Black’s work. He is currently a member of acerbic, which is an interdisciplinary group of artists who go against the proper order of things.


1410 East 30th Street — Cleveland, Ohio 44114 | 216.621.2900