Ingenuity Festival 2014: Art Installations

Ingenuity2011Ingenuity Festival in Cleveland is right around the corner.

The Festival will take place on September 26, 27, and 28, 2014.

The Festival will include the docks just  North of FirstEnergy (Browns) Stadium as well as areas in and around the Great Lakes Science Center and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum!

The Festival is free and open to the public.

Friday 5PM – 1AM
Saturday Noon – 1AM
Sunday Noon – 5PM

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Here are some of the new media art installations that will be on view:

Kinetic Bonfire
Artist: Anthony Castronovo                                                                                                                                            
The Kinetic Bonfire is a people-powered interactive sculpture that invites participants to play together by riding stationary bicycles that will generate power and illuminate the central flames. The sculpture requires multiple participants to work together to achieve the full effect as each bicycle will only activate one small section of the whole sculpture. The faster you ride, the brighter the flame!

Cymatic Forest
Artist: Lyn Goeringer
Six basins of cymatic projectors filled with water, set in motion by the sound created by fluorescent light ‘trees’. They are activated by amplifying the sound the lights produce and running it through audio transducers below the water basins. Goeringer currently resides in Oberlin, Ohio, and is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Electronic Music and Digital Arts in the TIMARA program at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music.

Solar Bytes Pavilion: 3D Printed Solar Powered Bricks
Brian Peters
The Solar Bytes Pavilion demonstrates the power of applying 3D printing at the scale of architecture. In this pavilion approximately 90 modules will be 3D printed out of plastic and feature a snap-fit connection, locking each module into one another. The overall form of the pavilion follows the path of the sun, since a solar powered LED will also be incorporated into each module, charging during the day and then creating a glowing pavilion in the evening.

Brian Peters is an Assistant Professor in the College of Architecture and Environmental Design (CAED) at Kent State University. Prior to joining the CAED in 2013, he helped initiate several projects investigating the role of 3D printing at the scale of architecture, including the 3D Print Canal House and Building Bytes. Most recently, he founded the Robotic Fabrication Lab (RFAB) at the CAED, which is investigating the role of digital fabrication tools in architectural applications.

NASA Centaur Art Challenge Gallery
Ingenuity has teamed up with NASA to celebrate one of the most important projects in America’s exploration of space: The Centaur upper stage rocket developed at the Glenn Research Center. If you’ve heard about a major US lunar or interplanetary mission to space within the past 50 years…chances are the Centaur helped launch it. We announced a call for entries earlier this year for works of art celebrating Centaur – check out the results in this gallery!

Telepresent Storm: Rita
Thomas Rex Beverly
Time travel back to 2005 during Hurricane Rita’s massive show of beauty and destruction. The weather data in Telepresent Storm: Rita is not a metaphor; rather it directly connects the visual and auditory experience with the historical energy of Hurricane Rita. The historical weather data of Rita is run through a piece of software to create a real-time graphical score which is then interpreted live, using iPads. The performer, using two iPads, interprets the graphical score by freely assigning sound, harmony rhythm, melody, and growth to the available weather parameters.

Marcus Brathwaite, Ainsley Buckner, and Mound 4th Grade Students
You are the missing puzzle piece to this installation. 38 fourth graders from Mound Elementary have created an interactive sculpture addressing the topic of electrical circuits. The installation is an arch made from hundreds of small boxes, each containing an LED that corresponds to a color of the rainbow and is covered with a translucent film on which each student has made a silhouette drawing in the style of Kara Walker, focusing on human interaction. Designated boxes are painted with electrically conductive paint.

Slack Wire
Michael Casselli
Slack Wire exists in your periphery, an oscillating canopy of electricity, accentuated by arcs of charged ions. Each span covers a distance of 70 feet, with sparks of electrical discharge that dance across the wires, creating a meditative dance of a high voltage that simultaneously attracts and repels, similar to the moth’s attraction to the flame.

Michael Casselli is a visual artist and Instructor in the Media Arts at Antioch College in Yellow Springs Ohio, where he currently resides. Originally from Cleveland Heights, Michael is more then excited to be back in Cleveland showing work and connecting to the arts community in town he called home for so many years. Michael is a recipient of a 1997 New York Bessie award for interactive set design and a 2013 Ohio Arts Council Excellence award for his installation work.