“Art and Craft” documentary at Canton Palace

art and craft

Don’t miss art film night at the Canton Palace Theatre on October 9, 2014 at 7:30pm. the Ohio premiere of the new documentary “Art and Craft” will be profiling compulsive forger Mark Landis.

Mark Landis gave Picassos, Old Masters, Charles Schulz cartoons, and more to 46 museums in 20 states over a 30-year period. The artworks were all his own forgeries. Yet he did not commit a crime since the more than 100 artworks were all gifts.

A new documentary, now in theaters nationwide, explores the story behind one of the “greatest” art forgers in U.S. history. Art and Craft tells how Landis duped museums with his forgeries, even with some of his works employing magic markers and Wal-mart frames.
As one museum director recounts in the film, Landis had a compelling tale of a collection needing to be dispersed “and possible endowments from the family’s estate.” Said the museum director: “He knew right where to hit us. Our soft spot: art and money.”
A related exhibition is also on tour titled Intent to Deceive. It is now on view at the Canton Museum of Art, Canton, Ohio, through Oct. 26.