Isabel Farnsworth + Hui-Chu Ying closing soon


CLOSES: October 18, 2014

Heights Arts presents a special exhibition of sculpture and works on paper by Northeast Ohio artists Isabel Farnsworth and Hui-Chu Ying. The show brings together two artists and university art professors whose visual languages resonate with universal themes of human experience. Artwork is on display through October 18, 2014.

Farnsworth’s sculptural forms juxtapose fragments of figuration with formal abstraction. She describes her creative process:  “The work emerges out of writing and daydreaming as well as an active curiosity at play with both materials and ideas.”

Hui-Chu Ying embeds her work with symbols (hand gestures, scripts, nature motifs) that speak to her concern with humanity’s suffering and the potential to move towards healing. She combines many processes including painting, drawing, etching, screen-printing and collage in creating multi-layered and richly pigmented compositions that, like Farnsworth’s sculpture, draw from both abstract and figurative imagery.

Farnsworth is associate professor of sculpture at Kent State University and Hui-Chu Ying is associate professor of art at the University of Akron.

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