States of Matter: the Human Animal

States of Matter: the Human AnimalExhibit runs October 2 – November 2, 2014.

In the exhibit “States of Matter: the Human Animal”, Kristine Rumman and Adam Sanzenbacher explore the relationship between human innovation and behavior. Through a striking array of works composed of natural and synthetic materials, the artists consider our past and future development as a species in the face of our continuing drive to control, manufacture, and manage our personal and collective realities.

Conceived and executed as a collaborative effort, the show is an expansion of a work the two completed in early 2014.  That first piece, Synthetic Emergence, looks at the “societal divergence from the natural to the artificial” through a series of thermoformed Plasto-Fascimiles crafted from glass structures inspired by natural topographical features.

Only recently in our history have we been capable of directly manipulating our surroundings to fashion an ideal personal habitat. With the advantages of these newfound conveniences also comes a potential dissonance with the world around us.

In addition to joint works, the exhibition also features several solo pieces including Rumman’s Pool, gem-like meditations on the preciousness of water and our complicated connection to it, and Sazenbacher’s Pelts of Achievement, a series of richly hued plastic trophies topped with finely cast crystal fur-pieces. Sazenbacher’s plaques are designed to reward us for our ability to develop “the tools, techniques, and technologies which, in turn, have distanced us from our closest evolutionary ancestors.”

​Gallery Hours: 11 – 7pm
Tuesdays thru Saturdays and by appointment​

River House Arts
115 W Front Street
Perrysburg, OH 43551​

Since receiving her BFA in 2007 from Bowling Green State University, Kristine Rumman has continued her studies in glass both here and abroad, including Seattle, Washington and the Czech Republic. She has also maintained a steady teaching schedule, conducting hot glass workshops in Hong Kong and Taiwan, as well as at the Toledo Museum of Art, the Pratt Fine Arts Center in Seattle, and Martin Blank Studios in Seattle to name a few.  Her work can be found in private collections throughout the country.

Adam Sanzenbacher graduated from Ohio State University in 2010 with a BFA in Drawing and Painting. Now working primarily in three-dimensional work as well as ceramics, he has exhibited throughout the Columbus and Toledo, Ohio areas as well as in North Carolina.