Flexible Domains at Harris Stanton Gallery


OPENING RECEPTION: Friday November 7, 2014, 5:30pm – 8pm

The Harris Stanton Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of Flexible Domains, new drawings and paintings by Matthew Kolodziej and Andrea Joki, and glass sculpture by Robert Coby. The work of both Kolodziej and Joki in this exhibition will consist predominantly of drawings on paper with the inclusion of only one or two paintings on canvas for each.  All 3 artists reference the landscape physically and conceptually in their work. On view through Saturday December 6, 2014


JokiANightVisions218x15web_Andrea Joki’s work is stylistically varied but all conceptually related referencing time and human perceptions. A common element in her work across media (drawings, paintings, photography and video) is an intention to evoke ideas of both physical and psychological landscapes. The buildup of space in her large canvas’s from back to front records passage of time, by reveling layers from beginning to end. In this way she gives us a visual record of the passage of the time needed to complete the work, thus distilling the creative process into a concrete form. Her recent series of drawings, Night Visions, were begun soon after a four-week artist residency at the Santa Fe Art Institute in 2013.  She writes, ” The drawings are like distilled memories of the visceral sensations of heat, wind, light and sound experienced during my travels through the American southwest.  The title, Night Visions, may refer to the altered perception of the eye as light fades as well as to tricks of the mind”. Joki was the recipient of a Cuyahoga Arts and Culture, Creative Workforce Fellowship in 2009.She holds an MFA degree from Kent State and her work is in numerous public and private collections.
KolodziejMThreadweb  Kolodziej bases his work on building construction and demolition sites in order to reference man’s artificial urban landscape within the natural landscape. He depicts the layering of time as it relates to archeological time / past time. His paintings have increasingly taken the look of rock strata, worn down over the ages.  Kolodziej received his B.A in economics from University of Chicago and his MFA in painting from Rhode Island School of Design. Work experience on archeological digs as an undergrad coupled with his studies of ancient English ruins through a Fulbright Scholarship fostered his interest in material culture and the destruction of architecture. Kolodziej has had numerous solo shows in Northeast Ohio and is in the permanent collection of the Akron Art Museum. He received a Pollock Krasner Grant award in 2009.



CobyRCoastlineSeriesGoldBrownWebRobert Coby uses a literal translation of coastlines in his sculptural glass vessels. The place in the landscape where water meets Land, solid meets fluid, is particularly apt for the medium of glass. Glass acts as a fluid in its molten state and turns to something very hard, fragile and breakable when it cools. Coby works with the glass in all its states, sandblasting and carving into it to form jagged dangerous edges when it is hard, blowing and forming it when it is soft and fluid. Coby is a 2011 graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art and he presently teaches advanced glass blowing there as well as working as a studio assistant for Brent Kee Young.
The show opens with a wine & cheese reception from 5:30 – 8pm, that is free and open to the public. A brief gallery talk given by the artists will take place mid way through the opening. The gallery is handicap accessible and there is plenty of free parking available.

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