Wes Anderson & Mark Mothersbaugh Theme Park


Akron alternative rock legend and contemporary artist Mark Mothersbaugh reportedly is playfully considering a new venture — a theme park.

Time magazine along with Entertainment Weekly and other news organizations report filmaker Wes Anderson is floating the idea of partnering with Mothersbaugh to build a theme park in Northeast Ohio. The pair have worked together on several films.

Time reports that in the idea of the theme park is suggested by Anderson in the foreward to a new book by Denver Museum of Contemporary Art Director Adam Lerner, Mark Mothersbaugh: Myopia.

“It will include hundreds of animatronic characters and creatures, rides through vast invented landscapes and buildings, extensive galleries of textiles and sculptures, plus an ongoing original music score piped-in everywhere.”

Time reports that Anderson would be more of “facilitator” and the park would be “conceived and designed entirely” by Mothersbaugh.

Time also reported that Anderson described the theme park experience as a place where “the visitor will be amused and frightened, often simultaneously.”

Anderson said the park – should it ever come to fruition – would be located on the “outskirts of Akron.”

SOURCE: http://www.ohio.com/blogs/airtime/airtime-1.489637/devo-s-mark-mothersbaugh-part-of-a-hollywood-director-s-dream-for-akron-theme-park-1.538373