STAND UP! exhibit at Doubting Thomas

Andy Dreamingwolf

Andy Dreamingwolf

STAND UP! is a show of causes. Art about the people, places & things we love & care about. From saving the rainforest to stopping ISIS, you will be sure to see some amazing, thoughtful art creations!

Opening night:
Friday November 14, 2014, 6-10pm
(during the Tremont ArtWalk)
Doubting Thomas Gallery

Participating artists:
Natalia Dale
Meg Wilson
Judy Campbell
Loren Naji
Catherine Spencer
Jane Reynolds
John Saile
James Ruby
Bryon Miller
Ryan Upp
Chad Cochran
Shepherd Weita
Eric Ortiz
Andy Dreamingwolf
Marty O’Connor
Elisa Vietri
Cindy Smith
Emily Speelman
Nancy Cintron
Jonah Jacobs
Tom Kelly
Stephanie Lipscomb
Mark Yesenchak
Christina Bender
and more!

Additional hours:
November 15, 22 & 29, 4-7pm
November 23 & 30, 2-5pm

Curated by Natalia Dale

Doubting Thomas

856 Jefferson Ave, Cleveland, Ohio 44113