Robin Latkovich at Micro Art Space


EXHIBITION RECEPTION ~ Friday November 21, 2014,  5-9pm

(Cleveland, Ohio ~ within 78th Street Studios, suite #108) presents:

cairns a solo exhibition by 4-week resident artist Robin Latkovich (from Cleveland, Ohio)

“cairns” – new paintings by Robin Latkovich

The present work takes its name and inspiration from the small stone piles that dot empty landscapes, built by those who have passed through them. Cairns crop up around the world, wherever a place is otherwise sufficiently devoid of human presence, built almost out of instinct.


So many facets of the human encounter with the landscape are bound up in this simple act: impulses toward reverence or ownership, communication, and projection of human qualities upon the inhuman. These impulses have historically had consequences both beautiful and pathological, and the artistic tradition of depicting the landscape has been complicit in the full range thereof. The current work deals with this ambivalence, and with the tension between the landscape’s essential otherness and our own need to participate in and project ourselves upon it.
Micro Art Space 1300 West 78th St., Cleveland, Ohio 44102