MOTHERSBAUGH eyewear debut

devo-red-hatToday, things are still creative and crazy for Mark Mothersbaugh who has collaborated with eyewear designer, Shane Baum to make a cool collection of reading glasses for gents, and of course…the ladies.

His new branded imprint, Mothersbaugh, will produce and deliver artistic interpretations of unexpected designs across a variety of categories for creative consumers.With the goal of designing distinctive products that embody his imaginative and timeless spirit, the first category will be eyewear. Mark’s decades-long history wearing eyewear coupled with his distinct style made this product the perfect launch collection for his eponymous brand. Plus, his creative vision and personal journey literally discovering art through glasses makes this, perhaps, the most honest collaboration in the industry.

Mothersbaugh, one of five children, has extreme myopia and astigmatism. He bumped into things for seven years before getting an eye exam that deemed him legally blind.“I got my first pair of glasses for my eighth birthday, and saw birds flying, the tops of trees, even clouds for the first time in my life,” he recalls.“It was amazing! I had never seen chimney smoke or the roof of a house and I immediately started drawing everything I saw.” On the first night with his new-found vision he dreamed that he was going to be an artist – and literally never looked back.

This is the first eyewear collection for Mark, but not the first time Mark tried his hand at eyewear design. He co-created the unusual frames Devo rocked on stage in the early years of their career with bandmate Jerry Casale.“Knowing how his glasses influenced his life and work in such a significant way, I wanted to create something that was reflective of Mark as a person, performer and an artist,” said collaborator Shane Baum.“When I was a boy of 12, I rode my bike to the Five & Dime and spent my lawn mowing money on a record with a wonderfully strange cover called “DEVO”. Subsequently, I became a huge fan.To get to work with an Artist like Mark felt like almost a selfish pursuit…and I owed it to him to interpret his vision and deliver a product to the world that would showcase a distinctive, smart and unexpected collection.”