Transformer Station: A Year in Review

As our second year comes to a close we have much to be proud of… and much to thank you for.

We began the year with the compelling social commentary of Hank Willis Thomas, presented by the Cleveland Museum of Art.

The Cleveland Museum of Art also presented seven brilliant, intimate concerts by some of the world’s leading new music artists as part of their CMA at Transformer Station series.

Transformer Station opened in March two first-ever museum shows by important young artists. Christian Patterson’s Redheaded Peckerwood, intertwined fact and fiction in his dark retelling of the story of an epic American crime spree.

Jordan Tate’s SUPERBLACK stretched our notions of image and perception as he drew us into the darkest space we will likely ever see on earth.

In June we brought you UNKNOWN, our immensely popular and highly praised gaze into the eyes of strangers through the work of contemporary photographers.

In July our partnership with Cleveland Museum of Art brought thousands to the corner of West 29th and Church street with international stars of world music in their Ohio City Stages concert series.

Now in it’s last weeks are two fascinating shows of contemporary art presented by Cleveland Museum of Art. Anicka Yi: Death is the rich and poetic installation by an important young artist introduced to Cleveland in her first major museum show.

A survey of the darkly humorous paintings of Julia Wachtel show how the rapidly proliferating visual language of popular culture reflects and exposes the follies and crimes of our society.

All year long we shared the creativity and vision of great artists, we listened to some of the most exciting music the world has to offer and we talked, shared and learned from it all. Above all, we created a space, a place and a neighborhood in Cleveland that’s vibrant and alive with new shops, homes and a spirit of community.

Our new year starts with an explosive and immersive film premiere of SHOCKWAVES, an astonishing 25,000 public domain film samples, rotoscoped and live action film clips, and dance created by media artist Kasumi.

PROCESS AND ABSTRACTION presents work by three artists who have developed techniques and processes unique to them, resulting in stunning abstractions that challenge popular conceptions of photography.

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