James Lucas: Meet the Artist


MEET THE ARTIST: Sunday, February 1, 2015, 1pm-3pm

This exhibition of twenty-three paintings surveys the work of one of our regions most accomplished and well-known talents.

James Lucas is a rare talent whose paintings challenge us at every turn. It was Robert Rauschenberg who once remarked that he was always attempting to create a work of art which he himself could not defend. Lucas’ philosophy in a sense, parallels that of Rauschenberg since there is a predictable unpredictability to his paintings.

Lucas invents his own visual universe and then challenges us to enter it and to become a part of it. I know of no artist who is his equal with regard to innovation, and clearly no one possesses a more sophisticated organizational eye. Although James Lucas has been painting for well over fifty years, the work always seems to be characterized by a freshness and a sense of wonder. His is a remarkable gift, and the Butler is honored that he is sharing it with us.

The Butler Institute of American Art Youngstown, Ohio

On view through February 8, 2015