“Wearable Spaces” brings creative environments

Wearable Spaces

Art Review by Leann Schneider

J.R. Campbell’s solo exhibition “Wearable Spaces” is a conundrum. Filled with large, mixed media, fabric objects, the gallery presents what Campbell states are, “the connections between how we perceive ourselves through clothing and how we impact the environments we inhabit, clothing being a kind of environment.”

Wearable Spaces

As the Director of KSU’s School of Fashion, Campbell’s background is anchored firmly in that mysterious world of catwalks and high-end design. One might expect “Wearable Spaces” to be a simple show of outlandish contemporary fashion but Campbell’s works deftly defy that stereotype. The mesmerizing pieces are at once sculpture, interactive environments, and most impressively, wearable garments.


“Wearing this Distorted Piece” gives the gallery visitor the opportunity to quite literally zip themselves into one of Campbell’s wearable spaces! Equipped with a live video projection, it calls into question the nature of art. Other “Wearable Concepts” are especially intriguing due to the digital imaging technology used to create the vibrant textiles.

Wearable Spaces

Though small, “Wearable Spaces” is as visually delightful as it is indefinable. Connected to Black Squirrel Gifts and open seven days a week, the Downtown Gallery is located at 141 East Main Street in the heart of Kent, Ohio. “Wearable Spaces” closes on February 14th, 2015.

Leann Schneider is a graduate student at Kent State University pursuing an MA in Art History and an MLIS with a concentration in Museum Studies. She also works as a curatorial assistant at the Kent State University Museum. You can contact Leann at lschne10@kent.edu.