Research for Lunch: Markus Vogl

Markus Vogl

Assistant Professor of Graphic Design and Interactive Media, Markus Vogl, will present his research on Friday, March 20th at 12pm at Folk Hall, Room 165.

{skin}d.e.e.p. – Digital Ephemeral Epidermal Patterns Temporary Biomimetic Skin Patterns via Wearable 3D Printed Exoskeletons.

Lizard, snake and shark skin are popular areas of study in the scientific and biomimicry community. {skin}-D.E.E.P. suggests to take the research out of the laboratory and transplant it directly onto the skin of human subjects, although temporarily. We aim to mimic the patterns and textures of lizard, snake and shark skin and based on these patterns leaving temporary impressions on human skin. We suggest achieving this via the use of 3D printed exoskeletal jewelry that can be worn for a period of time and which upon removal leaves the patterns on the skin behind. This work still in the experimental stages, can be read as a counterbalance to the permanent imprinting of tattoos, the ostentatious jewelry and the predominant current norm of the acquisition of adornments.

VS :: 0.02 [gridiron]

VS:0.02 [gridiron] interprets game data of an American football game visually in sculptural form. The software visualization of the entire game will be presented as a single 3D file that can be used to physically print a 3D model of the game data. It artistically interprets the data of a single 60 minute American football game into a 3D sculptures.

VS :: 0.02 [gridiron] will premiere in the Box gallery. The show opens March 7 and is on display until April 5. For further information please visit

Bring your lunch and show support. Open to the public.

RSVP to Kelly Meyer, ORA, by email