“Altered Landscapes” Gallery Talk at Akron Art Museum


GALLERY TALK: Thursday April 16, 2015, 6:30pm

Museum chief curator Janice Driesbach will present a gallery talk about “Altered Landscapes,” an exhibition on view at the Akron Art Museum, on Thursday, April 16 at 6:30 pm. “Altered Landscapes” features diverse work that veers from pastoral views and topographically accurate representations in favor of showcasing  innovative approaches to the subject.  Artwork featured in the exhibition varies in approach, including work that refers to interior landscapes, such as Mark Soppeland’s sculpture “Bridge Over a Strange Place,” offers personal perspectives, as in Wayne Thiebaud’s “River and Slough” or presents constructed views, as in Barry Underwood’s “North Bar Lake II.”

“Among the pleasures of bringing “Altered Landscapes” to fruition was the ability to install and speak to artworks new to the collection that had not yet been on view.  One of my inspirations was the recent gift of Randall Tiedman’s “Limbus Patrum #7.”  Although Tiedman created the view from imagination in his studio, his lifetime residence in Cleveland provided the artist with an intimate understanding of the industrial landscape he celebrates,” commented Driesbach.

Driesbach’s gallery talk will provide a guided tour through the provocative images included in “Altered Landscapes.” Meridel Rubenstein’s impressive photograph “Temple Tree, Vietnam,” documents a prized ancient specimen; Lilian Tyrrell’s “Disaster Blanket/Religious Warfare,” a hand woven tapestry, incorporates a media-generated image from the Iraq War; and Yun-Fei Ji’s “Three Gorges Dam Migration,” is a remarkable ten-foot scroll addressing the controversial earth-moving enterprise caused by the construction of the monumental Yangtze River Dam.

“Altered Landscapes” is on view through July 12, 2015 at the Akron Art Museum.