Constructed Balance at Citizens Bridge Gallery

Citizen Bridge


This is our Grand Opening event for Citizens Bridge Gallery & Residence! Come out and see the works of Elizabeth Klingler, a working artist in Ashland, Ohio and a partner with us.

According to Elizabeth Klingler:

“The conflict between the unintentional and intentional manipulation of the natural landscape interests me most. My work is directly connected to the interaction of the viewer and their interpretation of the natural world. My paintings represent a factitious world, a reconstruction of the natural landscape. By recreating the perception of a particular space or location, I intend to create a sense of desire and urgency through selection of color and use of materials. Focusing on how formal elements attract and detract, reveal and conceal, an intentional visual conflict arises within my work.

Selection of color is especially important to create a disconnect between the viewer and the landscape. Choosing an unnatural pairing of color to represent inherent features of the natural world creates the visual illusion of what is perceived as reality. The inclusion of collaged geometric shapes and use of graphite expresses the idea of manufactured elements; man-made obstacles that obstructs or obscures a connection with the landscape. My process includes collecting images that express the landscape in its pure form, natural and untouched or altered and drawing the landscape in person. This is the basis of where my inspiration derives, by taking what is pure and natural and altering it to represent what humankind has created the natural world to be. I aim to draw a parallel between the reality of the constant alteration of our natural world and the recreation of that world within my landscapes.”

There will also be a closing reception on Friday, May 22nd from 5-8pm if you are unable to make it to the opening.

Citizens Bridge Gallery & Residence

1400 East 30th St, 4th Floor #403, Cleveland, Ohio 44114