“Bio-Pop” by Betsy Cavalier-Casey

Bio Pop

OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, May 8, 2015, 5pm – 8pm

New solo exhibition by Betsy Cavalier-Casey. “Bio-Pop” examines functioning networks – an ongoing subject for Betsy’s imagery, objects and artistic processes. Her initial motivating source of subject matter stems from a concept within biology, anatomy, network theory, ecology and other fields, called interconnectivity. This concept can be summarized as: Each individual element of a specific system interacts with and relies on the other. This interaction occurs simply because they each occupy the same system. Betsy addresses this idea in her paintings and installations by creating systematic, individualized “worlds” that are inhabited by an accumulation of various components that react and respond to one another.

Betsy Cavalier-Casey received her MFA in Installation Art from Bowling Green State University in 2010 and her BFA in Painting & Drawing from the Myers School of Art at the University of Akron in 2008.

Studio 2091 Mothersbaugh-Roos, 2091 Front St, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44221