Solo Exhibition by Mia QiuChen Fan

Qiuchen Fan

Public Viewing Hours:
Friday, May 8th, 5: 30pm – 10pm.
Saturday, May 9th, 10am – 5pm.

Cleveland Institute of Art presents Mia QiuChen Fan’s BFA Solo Exhibition.

“To totally understand a person is impossible, either because of the individual complexity or the subjectivity of understanding. We fill in things we don’t know about other people with arbitrary ideas from somewhere else. We also continually accept knowledge about ourselves from somewhere else: culture, education, stereotype and even other people.

There will always be something missing in this process of learning. If you have ever judged people, been judged, experienced the anxiety of TMI, been frustrated by knowledge or tasted the fear of forgetting, welcome to come and check my work out.”

Location:  JMC Building, 4th Floor 11610 Euclid avenue, 44106 Cleveland Ohio