THE WILD ONES: Bold New Works at Summit Artspace


Take a walk on the wild side and experience a world of vibrant imagination, where art celebrates individuality through the eyes of Akron’s most exciting contemporary artists. This stunning exhibition opens at Summit Artspace Gallery on Friday, July 10 from 5-8pm and on view through Aug. 16.

Steve Ehret

THE WILD ONES brings together strong and unique contemporary works exploring rebellion and its impact on American culture.The images invite the viewer on a journey to appreciate the icons, attitudes, and personalities associated with the free spirits, forward thinkers, and creative movers and shakers from American culture  – exquisite oil paintings, colorful pop-art inspired drawings and meticulous craftsmanship encompass this compelling exhibition.

Alexander Strader

“The featured works are dynamic and pull you right into the subject matters with every detail,” said Curator and Gallery Director Rob Lehr.  “From large canvases modeled after found photographs of forgotten soldiers to small collages dedicated to the women’s suffrage movement, we are allowed into this brave world of the underdog depicted as provocative works of fine art.”

Scot Phillips
With over 20 participating artists such as college professors, illustrators, graffiti artists, graphic designers and tattoo artists, each shares his or her personal connection to the evolution of forward thinkers and those who have brilliantly been ahead of the curve in both style and content.

Casey Vogt

Summit Artspace is excited to announce a special installation of Chris Ross’ Lucky Ten Series within THE WILD ONES exhibition. This lively series creates social commentary on advertising, graffiti and popular culture. The body of work has taken over four years to complete with more than 100 unique works on display. You have to see it to believe!
According to Chris Ross, “The Lucky Ten Series is a snapshot of the pursuit to acquire the unobtainable that only a few ever do. It’s the chance of achieving wealth, recognition and privilege. Desired by many it is the driving force behind the American Dream that defines and consumes the culture that surrounds us. By infiltrating these scenes Lucky Ten captivates and terrifies. It promises and it destroys.”

Phil Guy

Artwork by Andy Dreamingwolf, Adam Dumont, Steve Ehret, Kristin Galewood, Mike Giant, Phil Guy, Matt Labyk, Kat Francis, Hunter L V Elliott, Melissa Markwald, Scot Phillips, Andrew R. Shondrick, Mark Soppeland, Bonnie Stipe, Alex Strader, Jesse Strother, Josh Vandegrift, Casey Vogt, Charlie Wagers, Karen Leigh and more.  AND a very special installation of Chris Ross’ LUCKY TEN Series.

Community Partners

The Art of Skateboard Culture at Square Records, Friday, July 17, 6-9 pm, FREE  In conjunction with THE WILD ONES, Square Records will feature artwork inspired by skateboarding culture from participating artists Phil Guy, Jesse Strother and Charlie Wagers. Square Records is located at 824 W. Market St., Akron 44303.
PROOF OF THE WILD TOUR at Akron Art Museum: Saturday, August 8, 4 pm, FREE  The Akron Art Museum is presenting a special tour of its own Wild Ones: the skeletons in the closet, the black sheep in the family, the rebels without a cause. Take a tour of the galleries, highlighting the groundbreaking and controversial artists, subjects and themes that make art so exciting. The museum is located at One South High St., Akron, 44308.


RESIST: Exploring Texture at Summit  Artspace, Saturday, July 25, 1 pm, FREE This workshop is an introduction to using resist printing techniques which can be used to create a wide variety of textures. This class is free, kid-friendly and open to the public. Jennifer Davis of smART Studio is the instructor for this exciting workshop. Limited to 20 students. Online registration is required. Register