Maxim Rossett’s “Oxytocin” at Bliss Gallery

Maxim Rossett

Opening reception on Thursday August 6, 2015 from 7-10pm at Bliss Gallery.

Maxim Rossett’s solo exhibition titled “Oxytocin” will feature original works and prints of mixed media on paper and canvas that explore combinations between various established “alternative” styles of high and low art; comics, skateboard graphics, Junge Wilde, punk illustration, Matisse, Guston, Twombly, and Dubuffet are all noted influences. With both occult symbols and ordinary house objects seemingly lodged together between scratchy drawings of sloppy miscellany, a sense of childlike imagination begins to emerge, but only to be countered by quotes of radical leftists or stone cold philosophers. Just as oxytocin is a hormone or neurotransmiter associated with feelings of love,  it can inhibit feelings of fear and anxiety.  Oxytocin increases the salience of cues that imply contamination. Paintings, drawings, and mixed media large and small are all for sale.

Bliss Gallery, 334 4th St NW, Canton, Ohio 44708