CC-BlueCuratorial Collective (CC) is dedicated to the promotion, appreciation, and analysis of visual art, with an emphasis on works exhibited in Ohio. This mission is carried out by connecting the arts community via this website through exhibition reviews, thoughtful editorials, and Ohio-focused art news and interviews.

This volunteer driven collective includes curators, historians, administrators, university professors, gallery directors, art collectors, museum staff, educators, students, critics, journalists or any individual interested in elevating awareness about the contemporary art community.

Since 2016, Curatorial Collective’s collaborative mission has been overseen by Art Historian, Leann Schneider. The project was originally founded in 2014 by Curator and Creative Director, Rob Lehr and focused primarily on contemporary art. Curatorial Collective has helped shape the public’s appreciation and awareness toward art in northeast Ohio.


2016-2017 Curatorial Collective, Website Authors & Contributors

Sarah Bartram, Graduate Student, Kent State University

Claudia Berlinski, Assistant Professor of Art, YSU

Christina Day, FORUM artspace

Shawn Diamond, Graduate Student, Kent State University

Emily Dressler, Journalist

Jenn KiddQuips and Coifs

Mike Krutel, The Big Big Mess Poetry Series

Rob Lehr, Canton Museum of Art

Roza Maille, Akron Art Museum

Chris Miller, The Akronist

Leann SchneiderArt Historian & Instructor at the Columbus College of Art and Design

Dawson Steeber, University of Akron

Arnold Tunstall, Akron Art Museum